Brian Shin

I live in Redwood City, California, and work at Waymo. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, moved to the States when I was six, and mostly grew up near Denver, Colorado.

I studied electrical engineering at Harvard, then came to UC Berkeley for a masters in EECS focusing in robotics and embedded systems.

I moved to the San Jose area to work at LG Electronics as a software engineer on a team focused on automotive applications and embedded software. After a couple years, I transitioned to product management, where I launched an open autonomous vehicle simulator, started a new robotics business initiative at LG, and led LG's involvement as a founding member of the ROS Technical Steering Committee.

Now as a product manager at Waymo, I work in simulation and evaluation to help bring the world's most experienced driver to the public.

I love to play golf and tennis, and have served as co-president of the Stanford Korean Graduate Student Tennis Association (open to the community).