CES 2018

My first CES experience was CES 2018, where I got to go represent LG Silicon Valley Lab (the name has since changed to LG America R&D Lab) to show off our team's work.

We were part of the Automotive Grade Linux exhibit, showing off an automotive HMI concept and services surrounding it, including a cloud mobility service for fleet management based on smartphone data (ahead of its time) and a driving simulator used for development and testing of in-vehicle infotainment interfaces.

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a Linux Foundation project with member companies that work towards developing an automotive-grade operating system and surrounding ecosystem. LG Silicon Valley, with its historical expertise and development of webOS (which succeeded Palm OS), was involved in contributing many parts to AGL, including the compositor, media capabilities, and web application frameworks. Today, webOS is deployed on the millions of LG smart TVs worldwide.

LG SVL's booth at the AGL exhibit, CES 2018

You can see the beginnings of what would become SVL Simulator here. It was originally a driving simulator used to demonstrate the capabilities of the dashboard and cluster HMI we built to showcase our embedded operating system. Something that's still so cool to me: we're streaming the HMI screen back to the simulator, and displaying it! You can imagine how you could enable VR user testing for developing future in-car experiences.