ROSCon and IROS 2019

ROSCon and the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent RObots and Systems (IROS - one of the two biggest robotics conferences every year) were held in Macau in 2019.

We went to give a talk at ROSCon, as well as demonstrate LGSVL Simulator and webOS Robotics at exhibitor booths in both conferences. You can see my presentation at ROSCon on my presentations page.

Our booth at IROS 2019

You can see our prototype robot at our booth in IROS. Though the hardware looks very prototype-ey, the software is pretty impressive. It is a multi-display touchscreen user interface, algorithms to detect obstacles and faces, ROS 2 and teleoperation control, and voice recognition, all running on one single Raspberry Pi 4.

Today, a lot of autonomous mobile robots deployed commercially have very powerful workstations on them running Ubuntu - we demonstrate the advantages of using a lightweight embedded operating system on much cheaper hardware to meet all the typical use cases of a mobile robot.

Our simulator demo at IROS 2019

We also demonstrated LGSVL Simulator, for developers working on autonmous vehicles or robotics needing simulation tools.