ROSCon 2019, Oct. 2019. “ROS on OpenEmbedded: Simpler robotics development for embedded Linux”

My colleagues and I gave a talk at ROSCon 2019 in Macau presenting the advantages of using embedded Linux for robotics development. We also demonstrated a real robot at the conference showcasing the use cases. Slides.

AI Robotics KR, Oct. 2019. “ROS2 on webOS”

Presentation to 150 audience members at AI Robotics meetup in Seoul about LG’s webOS Robotics intiative and open source robotics work. Slides.

AI Robotics KR Oct 2019

Silicon Valley Autoware Meetup, Sep. 2019. “LGSVL Simulator: Advanced Sensor Rendering for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation”

A presentation given by a colleague and myself on LGSVL Simulator and its sensor simulation for a Silicon Valley Autoware Meetup attended by 50 people, hosted by Apex.AI in Palo Alto. You can see parts of the live demo and Q&A session in the video below.

ROSCon 2018, Oct. 2018. “ROS2 on webOS: Web-app enabled robots”

I gave a lightning talk at ROSCon 2018 about the Beanbird bot prototype demonstrating LG’s embedded operating system webOS running ROS2. This was a precursor to our full presentation a year later at ROSCon 2019.