A place to show the work and projects that I am currently or have been involved in.

  • SVL Simulator - A free and open autonomous vehicle simulator. It served as the default simulator for the open source Autoware AV stack and was downloaded more than 50,000 times on Github.

  • webOS Robotics - Web-app enabled robotics. Bringing ROS/ROS2 support for OpenEmbedded and webOS, LG's embedded Linux operating system. You can see our latest presentation about it from ROSCon 2019 here. You can see my ROSCon 2018 Lightning Talk here. Our team's work on Github now features over 100 clones and 500 visitors daily.

  • Autoware Foundation Technical Steering Committee - I represented LG Electronics on the Autoware Foundation as a member of the Technical Steering Committee. The Autoware Foundation is a non-profit focused on bringing about autonomous driving technology through open source efforts and collaboration.

  • Logistics Tech Review - I publish the Logistics Tech Review, a newsletter about technology and automation in the logistics and supply chain industries.

  • ROS2 Technical Steering Committee - I was a founding representative of the ROS2 Technical Steering Committee from 2018 to 2020 for LG Electronics. The Technical Steering Committee oversees and organizes development of the next generation Robot Operating System, ROS2.

  • My personal website - I created and maintain this website. It is built with Jekyll, and hosted and deployed by Netlify.

  • My publications