SVL Simulator

SVL Simulator (formerly LGSVL Simulator) is an autonomous vehicle and robotics simulator. It is for engineers and developers building autonomous vehicle (AV) software or robotics algorithms, which they can use to test and verify their systems. It provides a real time 3D virtual environment to provide the dynamic environment, the “world”, that the AV or robotics stack perceives through its sensors. It is based on the Unity game engine.

It’s a product that is free to use, and open source on Github (with LG’s own license). This is what I have spent most of my time building at LG for the last three years or so, and this page shows off more about what it is and the public impact it has had in the autonomous vehicle and robotics spaces.

Who Uses It

SVL Simulator is used by:

  • Engineers at companies building autonomous vehicle and robotics software and systems
  • Engineers at companies developing parts of or technologies for autonomous vehicle systems: sensors, hardware-in-the-loop, engineering services
  • Researchers and students investigating autonomous vehicles, robotics, machine learning, and many other applications such as security, future mobility, and new programming languages

Some numbers

  • ~3000 monthly active users around the world
  • Downloaded over 50,000 times since our launch in November 2018
  • Usually at least 20 simulations being run at any time globally!


Below are links to some highlighted papers referencing the SVL Simulator by LG.

Public projects using SVL Simulator